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Fishbowl Exchange 24 July – 4 August 2010

Hey Everyone!

Finally Fishbowl is hosting an exchange here in Ireland again.

This year’s theme is personal development and non verbal communication. So if you think you need a boost in your confidence or you have difficulties communicating to your peers? Or people internationally? Then this might be the project for you!

There are 3 other participating countries; Italy, Jordan and Morocco. In total there will be 24 young international participants between the ages of 15 and 21.

During the exchange you will be staying together in the Burren activity centre, where you will do workshops, learn and interact with each other. We hope to have a final show case and have our own international evening, where everyone is invited and you can show them the work we have done. Workshops will be given through Art, Movement, Dance, and your own creativity. Everyone is invited, and your participation will be greatly valued! It is a chance to get to know people in and outside Europe, through a fun creative environment!

There will be no alcohol or drugs allowed at this event.

Participant must be aged between 15 and 21.

If you are from Ireland and interested please contact Christe on: as soon as possible!!! Christe will send you an application form and any additional information

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  1. mohammad qudah says

    hi, am Mohammad from Jordan
    & I’m so Pleased to join this event … & I like it …

  2. maq says

    the Email address in invalid…
    failure notice((The email account that you tried to reach does not exist))

  3. Mieke says

    Hi there, the email address has been rectified… there was an s missing, it should work now…. Thank you for letting us know!

  4. Mieke says

    Hey Mohammed, welcome to the exchange!! :) See you in Ireland!

  5. maq (mohammad qudah) says

    Thank you Mr.Mieke …. You are welcome …
    aha its work … thnx …
    I hope so …

  6. Simo says

    Hi .. I’m Simo from morroco ! i’m so pleased to be with you on the next exchange :) Any news ?!

  7. mohammad qudah says

    I sent to Christe my C.V …
    And I ask 4 the application form , but no response …!!??

  8. Mieke says

    Hi Mohammad,
    We forwarded your message to our partner from Jordan… he is the person organising the group that will come from Jordan, as far as I know he connected with you? We cannot approve you coming to the exchange, as we only organise the Irish participants…
    take care,

  9. yahia says

    please tell me what is the problem,please.regards to you all.yahia

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