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Training and Seminars

Seminars organised

March 2014 – Building a network of European Youth Trainers

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From March 10th – 14th of 2014 in Ireland took place a partnership-building activity (Youth in Action, 3.1 – PBA) with the aim to set up an European network of youth work trainers. 24 trainers from 21 countries, as well as 2 external experts took part in it.

The approach was mainly an open process with everybody being invited to participate or lead on equal level. This process was supported by open team meetings, an external observer and a digital reporter.

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 March 2013 – EVS For All

A Contact Making Seminar for Youth Services (centres) who wish to build partnerships with the view to sending young people with fewer opportunities abroad on their European Voluntary Service (EVS), and willing to implement Youth in Action strategically.

November 2012 – Rural Action

Study Visit between Croatia and Ireland, hosted in the Dromoland Inn, Clare, Ireland

This project brought together organisations from IRELAND and CROATIA that work in rural areas or are interested in the theme “Rural Action”.
Participants shared practice, they explored a rural area from a strategic youth work point of view, they connected with young people from local projects and developed partnerships for Youth in Action projects

May 2006 – Contact Making Seminar “One World Citizenship, exploring the need for a network of Global Youth Workers.”

Participants for this seminar came from two One-World Citizen courses (2005 / 2006). We explored the need and the possibilities for creating a network for global Youth Workers.

Participants from: Ireland, Czech Republic, Poland, The Netherlands, Spain, Malta, Estonia, and Palestine

April 2006 – Contact Making Seminar “exploring cultural diversity and exchanges”

During this Contact Making Seminar youth workers and leaders from European youth organisations were able to meet each other and worked on creating connections for future Youth Exchanges, focussing on cultural diversity.

Participants from: Belgium, Estonia, France, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Portugal, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden

Training Courses organised

Coming in January!!

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May 2014 – Life Love Youthpass

Aimed at training EVS mentors, tutors and coordinators to support the Youthpass learning process of EVS volunteers during their projects. The training was held in the Dromoland Inn, Clare, Ireland on May 2014.

January 2007 – Training Course “the street is a theatre and we are all actors on it”

The course focussed on Cultural Diversity in an European Voluntary Service setting. It had strong elements of teambuilding, discussions and theatre which provided the participants to some extend with skills to use Theatre of the Oppressed. The main focus of the course was to create understanding and skills for dealing with Cultural Diversity during European Voluntary Service, taking in account the viewpoint of volunteer, hosting and sending organisations.

Team building

Participants from: Jordan, Hungary, Greece, Israel and Ireland

June 2007 – Training Course “Media and Citizenship”

This course was designed for youth workers and leaders to improve planning and campaigning activities associated with strategic media planning and visibility.

The training course was divided into two parts, the first part “Strategic Planning” provided participants with the knowledge and know-how for creating effective and long-lasting actions to improve local realities.

The second part was made up of simulation workshops where participants were asked to work on a media project, such as creating video news, radio broadcasts, internet based press agency and a newspaper. During this part participants were monitored by professional journalists who provided the knowledge and skills for effective media communication.

Team Building in sunny Ireland

Participants from this training course were from: Hungary, Armenia, Lithuania, Poland, Germany, UK, Russia, Azerbaijan , Romania, Turkey, Lithuania, Estonia, Slovenia, Ireland, Moldova and Bulgaria



April 2008 – Training Course “Intercultural Mediators” – in Ukraine

Youth workers came together to learn about intercultural dialogue and facilitation in an intercultural group. During the training 32 participants experienced intercultural learning and worked together on developing and facilitating workshops to assist young people’s intercultural learning.

Participants from Ukraine, Ireland, Poland, Bulgaria, Lithuania , Romania , United Kingdom , Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova, Russia and Hungary

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