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Planning Meeting in Rome

Visiting "Liceo Nomentano"

Moving right along…“Rome and Away”.….an advance planning trip took place in Rome (Italy) between 7th and 12th January 2010. Mieke, Catherine and Alan were warmly welcomed by the leaders of the Italian group, Pietro, Marco and Damiano, who are co-ordinating this project in Rome.

With many airports opening and closing due to extreme weather conditions, we were very lucky not to have got stuck in the ice.

The temperature in Rome was 16c with some sporadic rainfall, but with so much to arrange our focus shifted to the work at hand.

Our visit to the Italian school happened on our first morning. We were introduced to the Vice Principle, Professor Gala, who subsequently introduced us to the Principle and English teachers. We then met with the students and received a whirlwind tour of the school mixed with laughter and good humour. The school hosts 1400 pupils and about 70 is the link for the school:

The students were so enthusiastic that they called us up after school to arrange to meet later the following evening, we already felt like we were making new friends.

Liceo Nomentano, the school in Rome

The visit overall was really good, we seemed to have been in a continueous conversation that was sprinkled with laughter and many ahhaa moments, you know the ones, when the penny drops and you get it, or in planning logistics or aspects of training you have a brainwave and the light goes on, problem solved, ahhaa.

Meeting up with the Italian students was great, they have enthusiasm for this project  and have a healthy sense of curiosity. They are fun to be with and enjoy laughter as much as the Irish do. It seems like we’ve already got one crucial thing in common, humour.

Sure were would we be without it, it crosses most bridges, afterall laughter is a common international language.

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